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Opportunity Evaluation Services

Whether you're investing into a business, starting a new business from scratch, purchasing an existing company or franchise, or launching your product in the USA, it is essential to investigate and evaluate the business's potential and your ability to make it work.

Exelom Opportunity Evaluation Solution

Exelom Opportunity Evaluation Process:

Making sure that your business venture is feasible, sustainable and has potential is key for its success. We at Exelom has developed a proven process to evaluate your business opportunity so you can invest with confidence.

Market Research

To determine the feasibility of your business or product, Exelom will perform an extensive market research locally or nationwide depending on the type of business or product you are investing in. Our market research will include the study of trends, customer buy patterns, target market, where are your customers located, and analyzing your competition.

Financial Analysis

Each business investment takes a certain time to break-even and will require operational funding in addition to startup cost. Many business startups fail due to the lack of understanding of the funding required vs. the investors financial commitment to the project. At Exelom we perform a complete financial analysis of your project, and estimate the required funding for operational and startup cost, in addition to providing a break-even analysis and projected profitability. With Exelom financial analysis you can make your investment decision with confidence.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is an appraisal of the potential risks in your business and can help you decide whether the risks are worth the investment. There are mainly two types of risks that can affect your business negatively: External and Internal and Exelom will evaluate both of them for you. External risks are factors such as the state of the economy, the competition’s competitiveness, existing and upcoming laws and regulations that can affect your business, and weather events. Internal may include your health, the level of credit available, and the availability of the type of employees required to run your business.

The Exelom Solution

Exelom Corporation can provide a complete solution to make establishing your business and investing in the USA a success.

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