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If you are planning to obtain an investor Visa to the USA, Exelom can help you choose the best way to invest and our immigration experts can help you through your visa application.

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Types of Investor Visas in the USA

In order to attract foreign investments and business growth, the US government offers three (3) types of investor visas:

E-1 Visa:

The E-1 visa is usually issued to foreign nationals who wish to enter the United States in order to engage in a ``substantial trade`` between their country of origin and the United States. The trade can be in goods, services, financial exchange, or technology.

E-2 Visa

The E-2 visa is issued to foreign nationals from countries with which the U. S. has a treaty of commerce, who wish to enter the United States in order to direct or develop a commercial enterprise or business in which they have invested, or in the process of investing a substantial amount of money or capital.

EB-5 Visa:

This visa was issued on orders to attract foreign investments into the U. S. that will create more job opportunities and benefit the U. S. economy. Depending on many other factors to qualify the investment amount should be between $500K to $1 million. Another requirement is for the investment to create a minimum of 10 job opportunities.

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Exelom Corporation can provide a complete solution to make establishing your business and investing in the USA a success.

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